Health Benefits of Rosemary

Rosemary oil is a popular essential oil that has many health benefits. It can stimulate hair growth, boost mental health, reduce pain & relieve respiratory problems. It is used from ancient times as it has many benefits. Romans give importance to the rosemary plant & are used in religious ceremonies. It is also used in wedding ceremonies, food preparations, cosmetics & medicinal herbal products. It can strengthen the entire body.

Health benefits of rosemary oil

There are many health benefits of rosemary oil:

Aids in digestion:

Rosemary oil is used in curing indigestion, relieving flatulence, stomach cramps, and constipation & bloating.

Detoxifies the body:

Rosemary oil helps in increasing the volume of secretion of bile from the liver.

Hair care:

It is used in shampoos, lotions & other hair care products. It is used to treat hair loss & stimulates hair growth. Its regular use can stimulate follicles, makes hair grow longer & stronger. It also slows down premature hair loss & graying of the hair.

Oral Care:

It is used for removing bad breath as it removes oral bacteria. It prevents gingivitis, cavities, plaque build-up & damaging dental conditions.

Skin Care:

It is not used in skincare as it is used in hair care. It has antimicrobial & antiseptic properties that’s why it is beneficial in oily skin & acne. Its regular use or massage can help in toning the skin & removing its dryness.

Improves Cognitive function:

It is the best tonic for nerve & brain. It is used for concentration by students as it helps in studying efficiently. It revives mental activity & is quite good for depression, mental fatigue & forgetfulness. It removes boredom & renews mental energy.

Relieves stress:

It lowers the level of cortisol in the saliva. Cortisol is the main stress hormone that is released during the fight or flight. If it is excess then it can wreak havoc on the body, it includes hormonal balance & efficiency of the metabolism.

Boosts immune system:

Regular use of rosemary in aromatherapy sessions helps in strengthening the immune system by fighting the germs of the body.

Relieves Pain:

It has anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving the pain. It relieves the pain i.e. headaches, muscle pain, rheumatism & arthritis.

Removes bad odor:

It has a very mesmerizing aroma that makes rosemary essential oil best inhaler. It is used in room fresheners, cosmetics, beauty aids, foods, bath oils, perfumes & candles. It is used as an air freshener to remove the bad odor.

Warning & risk:

  • Don’t use in excess amount as it can lead to miscarriage or disability in the fetus.
  • Pregnant, nursing or breastfeeding women should avoid it.
  • It can because allergic reactions, consult doctor before use.
  • It can cause vomiting & spasms.

White Cosmetic Clay


White cosmetic clay is the most resourceful and simply applied clay that is usually found in average skincare planning and cosmetics. It is also recognized as White Kaolin clay; it is very light and smooth clay that has naturally absorbency properties. White Cosmetic clay is found in practically all minced and dry cosmetics and most wet cosmetics.



White Cosmetic clay is a hydrate aluminum crystal; it is created over millennia by the hydrothermal disintegration of the granite rocks with water washed.



White cosmetic clay is off-white in color with smooth and dry in texture.



•  White cosmetic clay is very helpful to exfoliating and cleansing skin.

•  White cosmetics clay can be used on dry skin types without negative result.

•  It is used in making paper, paint, porcelain, ceramics and toothpaste.

•  White cosmetic is used in cosmetics and personal care products like make-up items, soaps, deodorants, facial mask, face pack and scrubs.

•  It has disinfectant properties which is very helpful to repair accessible blemishing and prevent new ones from forming.


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Its scientific name is valeriana officianalis, owing to its many positive effects it is also called as heal all oil. It has been used as fragrance since centuries; later on it has been found that it has many medicinal benefits as well.

It is obtained by steam distillating roots of valerian. Continue reading

Turmeric Root Oil

Turmeric Root Oil

Botanical Name: Curcuma longa


Turmeric (curcuma longa) is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant which grows up to 1m tall and it is highly branched with aromatic rhizomes. It requires range of temperature between 20° to 30° C & sufficient amount of rainfall for the growth of rhizome. It can grow in most types of soil but it grows better in rich well drained thick clay soil. Continue reading

Turmeric Oil

Turmeric Oil

Botanical Name:  Curcuma Longa


Turmeric Oil is very much in demand in medicinal as well as coloring and flavoring industries. It is extracted from the turmeric plant which is widely cultivated because of its usage as a yellow-orange culinary spice. Continue reading

Turpentine Oil

Turpentine Oil

Botanical Name: Pinus Palustris.


Turpentine oil is made from the resin of certain pine trees. It is used as medicine. It is derived from Turpentine.The crude turpentine is Steam distilled into commercial turpentine, turpentine Oil. It is used as the starting material to manufacture a variety of other products, including pine oil. Continue reading

Terpinyl Acetate

Terpinyl Acetate

Botanical Name:  Alpha Terpinyl Acetate.


Terpinyl Acetate is obtained by Cajeput or pine needle; it is an ester derivative of isomeric terpineol which is also extract by distillation of crude pine oil. It is widely used in personal care and home care products. It has a stable property which is difficult to change color. It is widely used as aromatic product and it is also used in artificial essential oil such as Lavender and Lemon. Continue reading

Water Chestnut Oil

Water Chestnut Oil


Water chestnut is commonly known as ‘Paniphal‘ or ‘Singhara‘ in Hindi in India. Water Chestnut Oil is Scientifically Known as Eleocharis dulcis. Chestnuts belong to the family Fagaceae. It has stem-like, tubular green leaves that grow to about 1.5 m. It is highly nutritious as well as low in calories and fat free. Continue reading