Cacay Oil

Cacay Oil


Cacay tree is harvested in Colombia for its nut and wood. It is known for its oil obtained from its nut. It is well known for its anti ageing effect and is much more beneficial than argan and rosehip oil as it contains higher percentage of vitamin A, vitamin E and Vitamin F.


Cacay oil is obtained by cold pressing of its nut.


It is light dry oil and is not greasy or sticky on skin. It has light and nutty scent and has long shelf life.


•  It improves the skin tone and reduces the effect of sun damage.

•  Owing to presence of high content of vitamin A it reduces the fine lines and wrinkles and it makes skin smooth and firm,

•  It is very hydrating and it penetrates skin and acts as moisturizer and due to its hydrating properties skin regains youthful glow.

•  Due to presence of high percentage of vitamin A (retinol) it removes the scars, reduces acne and black heads and white heads.

•  It is ideal for skin regeneration.

•  It is very good for hair as it reduces the split ends and dandruff and also improves hair quality by making hair voluminous and shiny and strong roots.

•  It also regenerates the collagen.

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