Almond Oil

Almond Oil

Product Specifications:-

Botanical Name : Prunus Amygdalus var. Dulcus
Plant Part : Seed
Extraction : Cold Pressed
Origin : India


Almond is an excellent emollient as well as deciduous tree with wide cultivated seed tree. Scientifically known as Prunus amygdus. It’s approx. grows up to 4-10m in height with a trunk up to 30cm in diameter. Basically Almond tree is native of Indian subcontinent, Middle East and North Africa. Almond oil is also well known as Badam oil in many Asian countries such as India, Afghanistan, India, and Iran and in many others countries. Being a good source of protein and vitamin D it is also used to re-condition the skin. Also it is an magic ingredient for the Massage therapists.


Almond oil is derived from dried almond seeds. The process used by which the almond oil is extract is known as cold pressing method.


Almond oil is pale yellow and crystal clear in color. It is quite deliciously sweet in taste with medium light and absorption rate to skin is quick which make it unique.


  1. Almond oil is a magic ingredient for skin care and cosmetic products.
  2. It is also quite helpful in repairing revitalize and rejuvenating damaged skin.
  3.  As it contain fatty acid that dissolves sebum which cause acne hence is also used for the treatment of acne.
  4. It can also be used as a makeup cleanser.
  5. Daily use of Almond oil make your eyelashes flirty and healthy.
  6. Emollient properties of Almond oil makes oil to easily penetrate into skin, so the oil can be used for skin care as it nourishes skin making it soft.
  7. Because of its nutritional value it can also be used as aromatherapy.
  8. It is used in spas for its non greasy and fragrance less nature.
  9. Regular massage with almond oil gives you the shine to hair.
  10. It is used to relieve dry and itching skin, soothes skin irritation and inflammation.
  11. It is used to strengthen hair, make long and strong hair.
  12. Almond oil is used to protect skin from sun as it helps to reverse the damages by sun exposure.
  13. It is used to remove stretch marks because it tightens skin and improve blood circulation.
  14. It prevents moisture from evaporation so used as Base Oil.
  15. It is used to enhance immune and also aids in digestion.

Safety and Precaution-

  1.  Diabetes patient can use Almond oil as per the direction of Doctor as it may lower blood sugar level.
  2.  Do not use almond oil for breast feeding and pregnant women.
  3.  Place in cold and dry place for better results.

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