Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat Germ Oil

The Germ looks golden brown & flakey.  Embryo of wheat kernel known as Germ is removed during wheat processing. India is one of the largest producer & Exporter of Wheat Germ oil. Indian soil & Climate is good for growing wheat.


Oil is obtained by cold processing of wheat kernel.


It is deep amber in color & has strong scent. It is very high in vitamin E.


Although the germ only constitutes 3% of the weight of a wheat grain, it contains nearly 25% of the protein, vitamins and minerals, Linoleic acid, etc.


It blends well with all other essential oils and carrier oils as well like soyabean oil.


•   This oil is used as a food ingredient &dietary supplement.

•   This oil can repair damage from sunburn, burns & ulcers.

•   It can reduce stretch marks & wrinkles.

•   It can treat Eczema & psoriasis.

•   It can improve function of Heart.

•   It can improve Ratio of good cholesterol to Bad cholesterol.

•   It is a perfect addition for massage oil.

•   It promotes skin cell formation & is great for nourishing & rejuvenating skin cells.

•   It is a wonderful to add with other carrier oils for massaging.

Safety & Precautions

•   It is sensitive to high temperatures, oxidation & light, which can cause oil to degrade & become rancid.

•   It should not be heated or used for cooking.

•   It should not be used either as food or applied topically to anyone with an allergy to wheat or gluten.

•   People who are regularly on blood thinning should avoid this oil.

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