Sweet Cherry Kernel Oil

Sweet Cherry Kernel Oil


Its botanical name is prunus avium. Its tree takes 3 to 4 years and reaches its maturity in 7 years and produces the cherries. Sweet cherry oil is obtained from its cherry by cold pressing method.


Sweet cherry oil is obtained by cold pressing of the seeds of the cherry.


It is clear to yellow to greenish in color and is slight in odor.


Its main contents are oleic acid and linoleic acid.


•  It is anti ageing agent and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

•  It regenerates skin cells and hence promotes skin elasticity.

•  It promotes hair shine.

•  It is used as ingredient in bath salts, shampoos and scrubs and lip balms.

•  It is also added to massage oil.

•  It also aids in people suffering from insomnia.

•  It improves the functioning of brain and memory.

•  It is used as carrier oil in aromatherapy.

•  It is also used in cooking as well as salad oil.

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