Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Product Specification

Botanical Name: Vitis Vinifera

Part used: Grapes seed

Extraction process: Cold Pressed and Partially refined method 

Description :-

Grape seed oil scientifically known as Vitis vinifera belongs to the family of Vitaceae. Grape plant growth approximately up to 32 meters in height. Grape seed oil is mainly constituted of fatty acids such as linolenic acid and oleic acid and another acid as well also it has small amount of vitamin E


Grape seed oil is extracted from seeds of grapes by the process known as cold pressed and partially refined method.


Grape seed oil is light green in color with strong nutty odor


•   Grape seed oil works as a lubricant for shaving cream

•   Grape seed oil is helpful for strengthening and growth of hair

•   Grape seed oil is used in Aromatherapy therapy.

•   It reduces LDL Level and It contains high anti-oxidants.

•   It is an ingredient in moisturizing creams, & sun creams.

•   It proves beneficial for people suffering from diabetes.

•   It can repair damaged or broken capillaries & blood vessels.

•   Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties it provides relief against pain & swelling.

•   It is useful for asthma, allergies, acne & dermatitis.

•   It helps the immune system & increases blood circulation.

•   It helps to tighten & tone the skin.

Safety & Precautions

•  People suffering from heart diseases should consult the physician before its use.

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