Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is an evergreen plant, basically a native of Australia but been cultivated worldwide such as India, Europe & South Africa. Eucalyptus oil is extracted from fresh or partially dried leaves and young twigs of Eucalyptus globulus through steam distillation. The oil is colorless with aromatic and camphoraceous. Eucalyptus essential oil has unique antiseptic & wonderful medicinal value, that works as a miracle for respiratory disease.

In India oil is been exacted from Eucalyptus globules. We  at A.G. industries offer 100% Natural Eucalyptus Oil.

Uses Indian Eucalyptus Oil:

•    Daily Massage of oil may increase blood circulation.

•    The oil is very effective in relaxing and reducing headache.

•    It helps to cure respiratory disorders such as asthma, cough, and cold.

•    Because of its antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal property, it is best available natural disinfectant.

•    It is a known expectorant, anti pyre-tic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, therefore, it helps in curing cold cough, flu and fever and even measles.

•    Eucalyptus oil helps in curing and easing Rhinitis, over exercised Muscles, Neuralgia, and Tennis Elbow.

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