Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil


Product Specification

Botanical Name:- Melaleuca alternifolia

Part used: Leaves & Twigs

Origin: Indian/Australian



Tea Tree Oil” (Melaleuca alternifolia) also known as Australian tea tree oil, Melaleuca oil and the Latin name is Melaleuca alternifolia. Tea Tree Oil is obtained by distilling the leaves with steam and this plant is a natural plant from Australia. Decades ago a tea was made from the leaves of the tree and hence the oil was named tea tree. The medicinal part of the tree is its leaves. Tea Tree Oil removes the bad breath of your mouth and thus you can comprehend how the Tea Tree Oil Suppliers help you in real time.




Tea Tree Oil(Melaleuca alternifolia)  is extracted by the method of steam distillation from the leaves and twigs of the plant of tea tree.



It has very warm and light spicy, pungent aroma and it is clear white liquid.



The main constituents of this oil are a-pinene, a-phellandrene, a-terpinene, y-terpinene etc.



Clary sage, bergamot, clove bud,  and lavender.



•    Tea Tree Oil is very helpful for our immune system.

•    It has balsamic properties that usually boost health.

•    Tea Tree oil is very useful for hair care. If you are suffering from dandruff and hair loss.

•    It is good for cold, cough and congestion. You can rub the oil on the chest and placed 4-5 drops on the pillow before go to bed at night.

•    It is also very helpful for mosquitoes and insect killer.

•    It is very effective as face wash for acne.


Safety & Precaution:

•    It is risky when taken in mouth don’t take this oil by mouth. Most of people put this oil straight on their skin, but it can cause some skin irritation and puffiness. So don’t put tea tree oil straight on their skin.

•    Tea tree oil is dangerous in pregnancy.


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