Caraway Oil

Caraway Oil

Product Specification

Botanical Name – Carum Carvi

Color – Colorless to yellow

Part Used –  Ripe seeds



Caraway is a biennial plant belongs to Apiaceae family, the native place of Caraway plant in Asia, Europe, and northern America. Caraway is  scientifically known as Carum carvi sometime it is also labeled with Apium carvi. Caraway is a popular spice in Europe and Indian subcontinent.



Caraway oil is extracted by the process known as a steam distillation from dried seed of Caraway oil.


Blending :

Caraway oil can blend well with essential oils such as orange oil, ginger oil, Lavender oil, Frankincense, Coriander Chamomile oil & Basil oil.



•    Caraway oil is used for the treatment of asthma, cold & cough.

•    Caraway oil helps a lot for breastfeeding mother as it increase milk quantity .

•    Caraway oil helps to get the clear and glowing skin.

•    It is very helpful for the skin to fight infection.

•    It is used as anti-aging agent hence used in many creams and facewash.

•    Caraway oil is used in food as a flavoring agent.

•    Caraway oil is a good mouth freshener.

•    In Britain, caraway oil is also used in many cuisines like cake.


Safety Measure:

•   Wash eyes immediately with plenty of water if oil comes in contact with eye.

•   If anise oil inhaled then keep affected a person in the fresh air, in case of serious condition seed medical attention.

•   Avoid in content with skin, seek doctor for medical attention.


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