Borage Seed Oil

Borage Seed Oil

Product Specification:

Botanical Name: Borago officinalis

Part Used: Seeds

Color: Pale Yellow


Borage oil is derived from borage or “starflower” from the Boraginaceae family, with a pleasant odor. Borage is an annual herb that’s native to Syria but now grows throughout North Africa, the Middle East many other parts of the nation. Borage oil is one of the herbal oil that used for the treatment of alleviating pain.


Borage seed oil is extracted by the process known as cold-pressed. During the entire process, no chemicals or unnatural substances are added to the oil, purest variety of borage seed oil extract by the process.


Natural Borage seed oil can nicely blend with other Carrier oil to get the best result.


•    Borage oil is very useful for the treatment of arthritic symptoms patients.

•    Borage oil can be used for the treatment of high blood pressure.

•    Borage oil is very useful for the person suffering from multiple sclerosis.

•    The oil may help to reduce the stress of day to day life.

•    Fatty acid imbalance in the skin can be controlled through Borage oil.

•    Borage oil is a key ingredient in skin cream as it makes smoothen & glowing skin.

•    Borage oil can be used as a massage oil.

•    Borage is very helpful to cure problems such as cold, Bronchitis and Flu.

Safety Measure:

•    If Borage oil comes in contact with eye immediately flush your eyes with water or contact doctor.

•    Should not use Borage oil during Pregnancy

•    Do not overdose for a long period as it may cause potential risk.

•    Keep the oil in cool and dark places.

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