Apricot Oil

Apricot Oil

Product Specification

Botanical Name: Prunus Armeniaca

Part used : Kernel

Color: Colorless to pale yellow



Apricot oil is scientifically known as a Prunus Armeniaca. There is no clear information about its origin but earlier it was cultivated in Armenia. Best grown in the cold region. Apricot plant is a small tree with approximately 8 to 13 m tall with the dense canopy. 



Apricot oil is can mix with other carrier oils and gives a perfect blend.


Uses :

•  Apricot oil is rich source of Vitamins & Mineral.

•  Apricot oil is useful in the treatment of cancer.

•  Apricot oil helps to control Blood Pressure.

•  Apricot oil makes skin glow and makes it younger.

•  Apricot oil is used in different recopies, in preparing jams and for flavoring liquors.


Safety Measure:

 •  Wash eyes immediately with plenty of water if oil comes in contact with eye

 •  If apricot oil inhaled then keep affected a person in the fresh air, in case of serious condition seed medical attention.

 •  Avoid in content with skin, seek doctor for medical attention


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