Terpinyl Acetate

Terpinyl Acetate

Botanical Name:  Alpha Terpinyl Acetate.


Terpinyl Acetate is obtained by Cajeput or pine needle; it is an ester derivative of isomeric terpineol which is also extract by distillation of crude pine oil. It is widely used in personal care and home care products. It has a stable property which is difficult to change color. It is widely used as aromatic product and it is also used in artificial essential oil such as Lavender and Lemon.


It is extracted from Cajeput and pine needle by the method of hydro distillation.


It is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with similar fragrance of lavender or bergamot oil.


•  It is widely used in food flavoring and fragrances

•  It is also used in body care and home care products.

•  It helps to improve the patient’s condition in antitumor activity and suppressing the growth of tumor cells.

•  It is also helps for the treatment of cancer.

•  It is also helps to reduce shoulder joint pain, muscle strains or sprains.

Safety & Precautions:

•  It may cause Irregularities in heart rhythm and condition of involuntary eye movement.

•  Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

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