Terpineol BP/IP/USP

Terpineol BP/IP/USP

Botanical Name:  Pinus.


It is naturally occurring mono terpene alcohol extracted from pine tree, which has been isolated from many of sources like Pine, Petitgrain oil and Cajeput Oil. It is widely used as flavoring agent, spices, personal care products and synthetic detergents. Terpineol is highly soluble in ether and alcohol but slightly soluble in water.


Terpineol Oil is extracted from pine tree by the method of distillation fraction.


It blends well with Ether and Alcohol.


It is a Colorless liquid with strong, dry balsamic aroma.


•   It is widely used in Perfume industries and Pharmaceutical industries.

•   It used in deodorizers, cleaners and masking agents.

•   It is a very useful product for treating many infections and diseases.

•   It is used as non-reactive property in leather chemicals industries.

•   It is useful for treating blockage in nasal passages, pain, burns and insects bites.

Safety & Precautions:

Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

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