White Cosmetic Clay


White cosmetic clay is the most resourceful and simply applied clay that is usually found in average skincare planning and cosmetics. It is also recognized as White Kaolin clay; it is very light and smooth clay that has naturally absorbency properties. White Cosmetic clay is found in practically all minced and dry cosmetics and most wet cosmetics.



White Cosmetic clay is a hydrate aluminum crystal; it is created over millennia by the hydrothermal disintegration of the granite rocks with water washed.



White cosmetic clay is off-white in color with smooth and dry in texture.



•  White cosmetic clay is very helpful to exfoliating and cleansing skin.

•  White cosmetics clay can be used on dry skin types without negative result.

•  It is used in making paper, paint, porcelain, ceramics and toothpaste.

•  White cosmetic is used in cosmetics and personal care products like make-up items, soaps, deodorants, facial mask, face pack and scrubs.

•  It has disinfectant properties which is very helpful to repair accessible blemishing and prevent new ones from forming.


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