French Green Clay


Our French Green clay is mined from logically occurring deposits in France and is whole, with a beautiful light green color and soft texture and then clays are sun dried as opposed to water washed to extract other crystal. The clay is 100% natural trace elements ensuring at their highest level. The Clay is also known as Sea Clay and is one of the most royal, most useful, and most generally used mineral skin clays originate in the world. It contains abundance of precious essentials.



French Green clay is most superior and most active clay. The clay is extracted from the crystal originated in France by hand.



French Green Clay is very pure, smooth texture with light green in color and high absorbency capacity.



•  French Green Clay is rich mineral content it helps to remove oil, dirt and debris.

•  It can be use for glowing skin that looks smoother, softer and healthier.

•  It has very highly absorbent quality and can be used to making facials, body warps, soaps, deodorants and other formulation for making hair care products. It is helps to cleanse the hair and scalp.

•  Green Clay also possesses analgesic properties effective in relieving muscular or joint pains by decongesting and affected areas. With valuable beauty treatments and he main ingredient in face masks, bath and spa products.

•  Green clay removes dead skin cells and absorb impurities.    


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