Cold Process Soaps


In our factory we create a wide range of high quality natural cold processed soaps and skincare products for you. We are the manufacturers and suppliers of natural soap and skin care products. Our soaps are suitable for all families and genders  especially those with sensitive skin & suitable for eczema & dermatitis sufferers.Cold process soaps that we manufacture have rich & creamy lather, with no added artificial colors or fragrance. It is free from chemical hardeners, harsh solvents or surfactants. Our soaps produce natural glycerin as we cure it for 30 days minimum after Saponification. We have an exclusive range of cold process soaps which are very well capable of meeting any type of specific rquirment. Today Buyers are looking for  organic soaps as save their skin from harsh chemicals. Buy organic soap from us and enjoy the best results.


Benefits of Cold Process Soaps are

•  No Chemicals or Pesticides

•  Natural Antibacterial Qualities

•  Environmentally Friendly

•  Many are Cruelty-Free


A.G.Essential Oils  situated at Delhi NCR (Noida) is manufacturer,supplier & exporter of this product in bulk and wholesale. We offer various Indian Essential oilsCarrier Oils & Aromatherapy Oils on below terms:-

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