Hand Wash



Hand Wash is used extensively at Hotels/Hospitals/Homes etc. It is effective to take off dirt, germs, and harmful substances. Hand wash are specially formulated to cleanse your skin thoroughly by retaining its inherent moisture. It deep cleanses and makes the skin look fresh and soft. Our Hand Wash is Suitable for all skin types. Due to its high effectiveness, the offered liquid is extensively demanded in the market. It is high in demand due to its high quality, concentrated form and Competitive price. We have been manufacturing its complete Range as per Customers Needs.


 Benefits of Hand Wash

  1. Remove germs and harmful bacteria
  2. Keeps your Surroundings safe, fresh, and clean.
  3. Makes the skin look fresh and soft
  4. Extensively used in homes, hotels, hospitals
  5. Helps to minimize the spread of influenza