Paprika Oil

Paprika Oil


Paprika is obtained from red dried fruit of capsicum annum also called as bell pepper. Paprika is used as ingredient in cuisine industry. Its flavor can range from mild to hot depending upon its variety.


It is obtained from the species of capsicum annum by sun drying its fruit.


•  It is used in varieties of dishes.

•  It is used as seasoning.

•  It is used in preparations of color rice’s and sausages.

•  It is used by commercial food manufacturers for its color.

•  It is also used by cosmetic manufacturers for its color.

•  It is rich in vitamin c and caretenoids and thus is very beneficial for our health.

•  It lightens the skin complexion as it contains Beta carotene and vitamins.

•  It restricts the production of melanin.

•  It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

•  It can treat blackheads and blemishes.

•  It makes face glowing.

•  Owing to its anti bacterial properties, it prevents acne.

•  It is used for treatment of spider veins as it strengthens the veins.

•  It is rich in vitamin B-6 and prevents hair loss.

•  It is anti inflammatory and lowers blood pressure.

•  It is good for healthy eyesight.

•  It aids in digestion by maintaining acid in stomach.

•  It aids in wound and cuts by forming clots.

•  It prevents heart ache and stroke.

•  It prevents anaemia and scurvy.

•  It promotes sound sleep as it produces sleep harmone melatonin.

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