Chilli Oil

Chilli Oil


It is a very prominently used in Asian cuisine and is mostly used in Chinese and south and east Asian cuisine. It is used in cooked dishes as well as condiment.


Chilli oil is obtained by infused method, where the chilli is infused with base oil like seasame oil, sunflower oil and even olive oil.


It is red in color.


•  It is used as warming oil during winters or if required, by applying on the skin it causes stinging and then swelling and thus makes skin insensitive and thus increases the blood circulation and resulting of warming of skin.

•  It is also very beneficial for hair growth as by applying it on scalp it causes burning sensation and thus increasing the blood circulation resulting in the hair growth.

•  It acts as cure for many skin problems starting from psoriasis to knee pain and any other joint pain. By massaging by chilli oil it provides instant relief.

•  It also provides relief in neuralgia.

•  It also fights cancer cells.

•  It also improves body immunization and strengthens the body and prevents from germs and infections.

•  It not only provides relief from ulcer also it prevents type 2 diabetes and it also acts as blood thinner.

•  It also increases metabolism than can be helpful to those who want to tone down their body.

•  Chilli oil contains lots of vitamins and minerals thus it lowers the cholesterol level thus lowering the heart diseases.

•  It contains good amount of vitamin D and thus strengthens bones and marrows.

•  It can also treat Alzheimer diseases.

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