Capsaicin 95 Percent

Capsaicin 95 Percent


Capsaicin is obtained from red chilli pepper. It is native to Mexico. The plants are grows up to 7-8 Mt. It is very strong part of chilli pepper. It is comes in USP Grade which is mostly used in Pharmaceutical companies.


Capsaicin 95% is extracted from the seed of the red chilli pepper.


Capsaicin is odorless and colorless product.


•  Capsaicin 95% is used for weight Loss.

•  It is good for diabetic patient to control sugar level.

•  Capsaicin is very useful in urological disorders. It is protect our kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder.

•  Capsaicin is help to grow our body efficiency for regular uses.

•  It is useful in the relief Gastic problems etc

•  It is use to make pain oil, pain balm and etc

•  It is also use in cosmetic industry to make creams.


•  During pregnancy avoid Capsaicin 95%

•  Do not touch capsaicin 95% without using any hand gloves and also cover your eyes.

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