Nagarmotha Oil

Nagarmotha Oil

Nagarmotha trees are evergreen coniferus tree and it belongs to family cupressaceae. These are 25 meters tall & are pyramidal in shape, their bark separates into thin plates’ or strips that shed from tree. Leaves are spreading & usually aromatic. Cones are small in size.


The oil is obtained by steam distillation of bark.


It is pale yellow in color and aroma is woody & sharp.


Its main components are alpha pinene, cedrol, limonene mycrene.


•  Owing to its astringent properties it shrinks skin giving it a tighter skin.

•  It reduces inflammation.

•  It prevents bacterial infection.

•  It helps in hemorrhoids by shrinking blood vessel.

•  It prevents spasms.

•  Nagarmotha oil stops bleeding in open wounds.

•  It has tranquilizing effect.

•  It promotes sweating.

•  The oil improves blood circulation.

•  It improves memory function.

•  It alleviates heavy period.

•  It alleviates edema.

•  It helps to curb acne.

•  It can reduce bags under eyes.

•  Nagarmotha oil can use in aromatherapy products such as aroma candles, soaps & incense sticks.

Safety & Precautions

If under medication consult doctor before its use.

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