Nutmeg Oil

Nutmeg Oil

Botanical Name: MyristicaFragrans.


Nutmeg oil is obtained from the ground nutmeg seeds. Nutmeg is also known as pala in Indonesia. Nutmeg is seed of the tree. Nutmeg is the only steamy fruit that is basis of two different spices first is mace and second is nutmeg. Nutmeg is the fruit & mace is its red layer covering also Known as aril. In India nutmeg is used in many sweet & savory dishes. Nutmeg oil is generally used in perfumery & pharmaceutical industries.


Nutmeg Oil extracted from ground Nutmegby the method of steam distillation


It blends well with Thyme Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lavender Oil, OrangeOil , Clary Sage Oil , YlangYlangOil.


It is a Colorless liquid with a light smell of nutmeg.


•   It acts as a natural food flavoring in baked goods, beverages, syrups & sweet etc.

•   It is useful for regulating the menstrual ir-regulations & problems associated with it like mood swings, depression etc.

•   Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties it is very useful for treating arthritis, it reduces swelling of joints.

•   It helps in dissolving kidney stones and also removes toxin from lever.

•   It is used in manufacturing of Bath Soaps because of its refreshing nature.

Safety & Precautions:

•   Large dosage may become toxic with symptoms such as nausea.

•   Pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult their doctors before taking Ginger essential oil.

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