Jyotishmati Oil

Jyotishmati Oil

Botanical Name   Celastrus paniculata


Jyotishmati is a large woody, climbing shrubs, upto 10 m high and is found all over India, Basically in MP,Kashmir etc .Its fruits are 1-1.3 cm in diameter and are bright yellow in color, 1-6 seeded. Seeds are completely enclosed in an orange red aril. It has unpleasant odour and taste. The oil is extracted from Celastrus seeds and has stimulating effect on brain. It is a brain tonic which Improves memory, concentration and learning. It also improves memory retention.


Jyotishmati oil is extracted from the roots by the method of steam distillation.


The oil has a pungent smell with brown color and the ripe seeds are yellowish in color


It blends well with Almond oil.


•   It is useful in cognitive dysfunction.

•   This oil gives relief in mental fatigue, stress, and depression.

•   Jyotishmati Oil has expectorant properties which are used to cure Cold & cough also in asthma.

•   The oil has very strong anti-arthritic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory

•   It is used for treating Inflammation of muscles and joints, including rheumatism, gout, paralysis.

•   It is used as massage oil in aromatherapy in various vata rog like sciatica, lumbago, paralysis, arthritis and facial palsy.

•   Jyotishmati Oil has stimulating effect on neuromuscular system.

•   This oil can be applied on ulcers, wounds for quicker healing.

•   Jyotishmati oil Improves memory.

•   Jyotishmati oil cures dermal Problems like dandruff.

•   It also aids in digestion.

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