Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen Oil


It is an evergreen perennial aromatic herb which is also called check berry, mountain tea. It grows in almost all soils, under all conditions; plant grows up to height of 15 cms. It has long, oval & glossy green leaves & its flowers are white. Its oil is used for many health problems and stems of the plant are chewed by people around for healthy gums.


Wintergreen oil is obtained by steam distillation of leaves.


Oil has sweet & fresh scent and is pale yellow or pinkish yellow in color.


Main constituents are alpha-pinene, beta pinene, methyl salicylate


It blends well with Oregano, mint, thyme & ylang ylang oil.


•  It is used in flavoring of toothpastes & other dental products.

•  It is used in flavoring of candies & lozenges.

•  It is widely used in manufacturing of Aspirin.

•  It is rubbed in muscles to get relief from pain.

•  Its smell can cure headaches.

•  It is used to flavor food.

•  It acts as deodorant.

•  It is used in aromatherapy to relax & uplift the mood but should be used in very minimal amount.

•  It elevates sensory system.

•  It helps prevent fungal & bacterial infection.

•  It tones up skin & prevents acne.

•  It also prevents dandruff & tones the hair roots & prevents hair fall.

•  It increases frequency & quantity of urine thus removes toxins like uric acid.

•  It stimulates circulation of blood & lymph digestion, excretion & the nerves.

•  It is used to treat snake bites, dog bites.

•  It is beneficial for infected & rotting wounds, sores & ulcers.

•  It cannot be ingested but when rubbed on belly in minute quantity it even expels gas from body.

Safety &Precautions

•  Due to presence of menthyl salicyclate which is toxic it should not be digested, even when it is diluted as it can cause severe liver & kidney damage.

•  Do a skin patch test before applying for first time.

•  It is not recommended for small children, pregnant women & nursing moms.

•  If allergic to aspirin, avoid wintergreen oil.

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