Tangerine Oil

Tangerine Oil


Its botanical name is citrus articulate. They are like oranges but they have deeper orange color and don’t have pips.


The tangerine oil is obtained by cold pressing of its peel.


It is sweet , tangy oil.


Its main contents are alpha thujone, alpha pinene, beta pinene, geranial, terpineol and camphene etc.


It blends well with lavender oil, clary sage oil, geranium oil, chamomile oil, grapefruit oil etc.


•  It kills bacteria that cause sepsis.

•  It promotes general growth of body and also repairs wear tear of the body parts.

•  It purifies the blood.

•  It also purifies the body by excretion and sweat.

•  It also increases the oxygen retaining capacity of RBC.

•  It provides relief in inflammation.

•  It also provides relief in depression and anxiety.

•  It helps in maintaining proper flow of digestive juices and maintains balance between acid and bile.

•  It sooths stomach and provide relief in inflammation.

•  It also provides relief in spasms not only muscular, but also respiratory, circulatory as well.

•  It boosts immune system.

•  It is also used to treat thinning of hairs.

•  It also helps to lose belly fat.

•  It also reduces dark circles under eyes.

•  It is also anti ageing.

•  It also eases in constipation

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