Litsea Cubeba Oil

Litsea Cubeba Oil


It is an evergreen tree and is known for its lemony fruits.


Litsea cubeba oil is obtained from its fruit by process of steam distillation.


Citral is the major component of Litsea cubeba oil.


It blends well with sandalwood oil, Melissa oil, tamanu oil and aloe vera gel.


•  It treats and prevents viral infections.

•  It also prevents and treats bacterial infections.

•  It controls high blood pressure.

•  It also prevents and treats fungal infections.

•  It also prevents lung cancer.

•  It improves blood circulation.

•  It is used in treatment of Eczema and psoriasis.

•  It treats reaction to allergens.

•  It helps in reducing acne.

•  It acts as mood enhancer.

•  It acts as mosquito repellent as well.

•  It soothes digestive tract.

•  It is calming and provides relieve in stress.

•  It is also useful in treatment of memory loss.

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