Jamrosa Oil

Jamrosa Oil

Botanical name: Cymbopogon nardus


Jamrosa oil is obtained from the grass of the plant. It is native to India. It is grows up to 7 to 9 Mt in warm and humidity climate. Jamrosa oil production is depending on climate in rainy season the cultivation of oil is very good.


Jamrosa Oil is extracted from the grass of the Jamrosa plant by the method of Steam Distillation.


It is pale reddish yellow liquid with a characteristic aroma.


Ginger Grass Oil, Geranium Oil, Rose Geranium Oil, Juniper and Palmarosa Oil.


•  Jamrosa oil promotes blood transmission and it also relieves from distension.

•  Jamrosa oil is very good for chronic gas problem and it also promotes urination.

•  Jamrosa oil helps to clean the skin pores & opening of sweat & sebum glands.

•  Jamrosa oil is used in food industry.

•  It is also used in aromatherapy for body massage

•  It is very useful for skin infection and gives a smooth texture to skin.

Safety & Precautions:

Jamrosa oil might aggravate the tummy and entrails, making disorders in these organs worse.

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