Kokum Butter

Kokum Butter


Kokum butter is obtained from the seed of Garcinia tree, methodically identified as Garcinia indica. Kokum tree is regularly grown in western ghat regions, Middle East regions identified as konkan regions. Kokum butter has huge benefit for skin and hair.



Kokum butter is process from the seed and then trodden seeds creature boiled in water then after cooling, and kokum butter is to finish extracted.



Kokum butter is composition of essential fatty acid, includes- malic acid, ascorbic acid, hydro citric, Citric Acid, acetic acid, acid and garcinol.



Kokum butter has creamy white in color like Shea butter, cocoa butter and has gentle to fictional fragrance with very smooth in texture.



Kokum butter is blends well with most of creams and oils like coconut oil, raspberry seed oil, camellia, apricot seed oil.



•  Kokum butter can use making Lip balms, Cosmetics foundation, Body lotion, Soaps, Creams, Lipsticks, Hair conditioner and many more skin products.

•  Kokum butter is very useful for healing foot cracks and dryness in feet.

•  Because of its non- comedogenic nature, it gets swiftly immersed by skin while in healing of skin.

•  Kokum butter is used to stop wrinkles.

•  It is also is very good in treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, piles, spruce and abdominal disorder.

•  It is helps to scalp treatment to support strong roots and a healthful ambiance for hair growth.

•  Kokum butter has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant property so it used for dealing of scratched and dry skin.


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