Ginger Lily Oil

Ginger Lily Oil

Botanical Name:  Hedychium.


Ginger lily oil is also called Garland flower; India is the biggest producing country which produces ginger lily oil mainly in Himalayas. It can be developed indoor as well as in cold climate regions.


Ginger lily oil is extracted by the method of steam distillation from the Flowers and roots of ginger lily.


Ginger Lily oil has fresh, warm and spicy aroma with a tinch of cinnamon. It is light brown to dark brown in color.


Ginger lily oil blends  with most of essential oil like Bergamot, Golden Champa, Carnation, Frankincense, Frangipani, ginger, vanilla, ylang ylang.


•  Ginger lily oil is an antibiotic, antispasmodic and anti-depressant

•  It assists in digestion and relieves nausea.

•  Ginger lily oil tones and rejuvenates the skin and reduces inflammation.

•  It can be a very good sedative

•  It does the balancing act.

•  Ginger lily oil is used very good for skin care, creams, hair care, lotions,

•  It is good for halitosis, hiccups and inflammation.

Safety and Precaution

Ginger Lily oil is generally safe oil. But pregnant ladies are advised to use the oil only after consulting their doctor.

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