Angelica Root Oil

Angelica Root Oil


It is also known as wild celery amd master wort,It is soft oil and is steam distilled from the dried roots, rhizome and seeds of Angelica. It has as spicy aroma. It is used in treatment of various ailments and as well as aromatherapy.



It is a yellow liquid with warm gentle aroma.



Its main components are velaric acid, methyl ethyl acetic acid and hydroxyl misristc acid.



It blends well with basil, chamomile and clary sage oil.



•  Owing to its carminative properties, it eases in gastric problems.

•  Owing to its anticoagulant properties, It provides relief in cold, congestion and fever.

•  It is provides relief in high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.

•  It is also used as ingredient in medicines.

•  It is also used as flavours.

•  It is also used as ingredient in Cosmetics.


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