Armoise Oil

Armoise Oil



Armoise oil is obtained from the leaves and flower from the plant. It is origin of Morocco, it is also called Mugwort, and the plant of Artemisia vulgaris grows up to 1-2 Meter. Armoise oil has all the dynamic ingredients that work well for the dealing of rheumatism, neuralgia and arthritis.



Armoise oil is extracted from the leaves and twigs by the method of steam distillation.



Armoise oil has pleasant, sweet herbaceous aroma with colorless to pale yellow.



•  Armoise oil has antibacterial & capable in assassination of intestinal worms.

•  It is an excellent remedy to invigorate digestive system.

•  Its main content is allicin which helps to remove any type of tooth pain.

•  Armoise oil is also used as an anesthetic and insomnia properties.

•  Armoise oil is extremely able in killing of intestinal worms.

•  It invigorates digestive system of the body.

•  It has very good medicinal capability as this is mostly use in pharma industry.


Safety & Precautions

•  Armoise oil is toxic, and may cause eye irritation.

•  During Pregnancy strictly avoid Armoise oil.


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