Agarwood Oil

Agarwood Oil


Agarwood tree is native to India and is one of the expensive oil and is obtained from heartwood of agarwood tree. Agarwood oil is also called as oud oil. Agarwood when healthy is light in colour once it is infected, in response it makes a very aromatic resin and it is from these resins that oil is obtained by process of steam distillation.



It is obtained by process of steam distillation of resin.



It has deep, complex and woody aroma.



It is very complex and contains atleast 150 Chemical compounds.



It blends well with Jojoba, coconut oil and other carrier oils.



•  Owing to its mind blowing fragrance it helps focus the mind and reduces the negativity.

•  It can help in treatment of Insomnia due to presence of valerian content in it.

•  It is helps in pain and rheumatism.

•  It is great relieving pain massage oil.

•  Owing to its aphrodisiac properties it enhances sex drive.

•  It has diuretic properties thus helps in detoxifying the body.

•  It provides relieve in indigestion and Bloating.

•  It can improve tone of skin and helps in repair of the damaged skin.

•  It has anaesthetic and sedative effect as well.


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