Tomar Seed Oil

Tomar Seed Oil


Tomar Tree is also known as Toothache Tree. Tomar seed ‘s botanical name is Zanthozylum Armathum. Tomar Tree grows in India mainly on Himalayas and some other parts of India. Tomar Seed Oil is used for treating numerous health conditions Such as Oral Problems.


It is extracted from the seeds of this tree through steam distillation .


•  Tomar Seed oil is pale yellow in color.

•  Tomar Seed oil has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.


•  Tomar Seed Oil has antioxidant properties and phenol compounds.

•  Tomar Seed Oil has been used as a gentle massage oil.

•  It is used in aromatherapy and tobacco industries.

•  It is usually used in the making of apothecary perfumes, incenses and colognes.

•  It is also said to stimulate the mucous membranes, lymphatic system and promote blood circulation.

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