Tea Seed Oil

Tea Seed Oil


Tea Seed oil is also known as Oil-seed Camellia, Tea Oil Camellia. It is scientifically known as a Camellia sinensis oil. Tea Plant is extensively cultivated in china. It is found in thickets, forests, foothills, banks of streams at elevations of 500-1300 meters. Tea seed oil contains natural tocopherols and polyphenols. This Oil is widely used in cosmetics industry, toiletries, soaps, massage oils, after-sun skin care & hair care.


Tea seeds were roasted at 120°C for 20 min and then cold pressed by twin screw extruder.


•  Tea tree oil is used to heal damaged and dry skin.

•  It helps to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure level.

•  It prevents the chances of cancers and cardiovascular ailments.

•  It is used for burning injuries and stomach ache.

•  It lowers blood pressure, bad cholesterol, strengthen immune system and regulate nervous system.

•  This oil helps to cure constipation.

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