Noni Seed Oil

Noni Seed Oil


Noni Tree is also known as  Indian Mulberry, Mengkudu. Noni seed’s  botanical name is Morinda citrifolia. Noni Tree is a small tree that grows a normal height around 10 to 30 feet. The tree bears flowers and fruit-year round. This small evergreen shrub has large bright green elliptical leaves. It contains lots of seeds.


Noni seeds were roasted at 120°C for 20 min and then cold pressed by twin screw extruder.


•  Noni seed oil is used topically to address inflammatory skin conditions and joint pain.

•  It is used for making dyes for clothing.

•  Noni oil is used in various products such as lotions, body care lotion, scrub, body creams and bath bombs.

•  Noni Seed Oil is used for hair include damage repair, improved shine and overall healthier hair.

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