Custard Apple Seed Oil

Custard Apple Seed Oil

Botanical Name:  Annona squamosa.


Custard Apple Seed Oil is obtained from the seeds of the fruit (Annona squamosa). Custard apple seed is also known as sitaphal seed oil.  It is a medium size tree. The color of the fruit is typically pale green. It has a fragrant and creamy white flesh taste like custard. It is one of the finest fruit introduce in India. It is cultivated in Bihar, Karnataka, Orissa and Tamilnadu.


Custard apple seed oil is extracted from the seed of fruit by the method of cold pressed.


Custar apple seed oil has a sweet and woody aroma with pale green to yellow thick liquid.


•  Custard apple seed oil can be used to making food, salad, ice cream and also mix with milk, it is very good milk shake in summer.

•  It is used in cosmetic industry to making soaps, creams, Lotions and can be detoxified by an alkali treatment.

•  Custard apple seed oil is use to make pesticides products like shampoos for reduce head lice problems.

Safety & Precautions:

Custard apple seed oil are toxic, and may cause eye irritation.

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