Cotton Seed Oil

Cotton Seed Oil


It is obtained from seeds of cotton plant; it is used for salad dressing, mayonnaise and salad oil. It has nut like flavour. It is used for cooking and is very beneficial for health because of presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Cotton seed oil is obtained from the seeds of the cotton by process of cold pressing.


It has nutty flavor and is pale yellow in color.


Its main contents are palmitic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid and Archidic.


•  It is used as Cooking oil in most of the parts of the world .

•  Owing to its anti oxidant properties it is very beneficial for health.

•  It also has vitamin E which is anti ageing and fights free radicals.

•  It has low cholesterol level thus beneficial for those fighting BP.

•  It is used in baking.

•  Owing to high oxidant resistance it is used as salad dressing.

•  Due to its property of light texture it is also used as ingredient in cosmetics and lotions.

•  Its usage can lead to weight loss who are fighting to reduce their weight.

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