Corn oil


Corn also known as Maize is planted in spring, it grows up to 2.5m. It has shallow roots ,it is intolerant of nutrient deficient soils& proves to be uprooted by severe winds.


Corn oil is  obtained by cold pressing of its germs & corn refine oil is obtained steam distillation.


It is dark to pale yellow in color. Unrefined corn oil is nutty in taste & Aroma and refined corn oil loses its taste & aroma.


Corn oil contains monosaturated, polysaturated and saturated fats.


It blends with all the essential oils of more specifically nuts.


•   It has a high content in essential fatty acids (56%), vitamin E, Phytosterols. Essential fatty acids are not synthesized in human body so it has to absorbed from food only, so corn oil is best way to intake essential fatty acids.
•   Vitamin E is important for protection of cell membranes.
•   It has major antioxidants.
•   It is high in phytosterol contents which lowers blood cholesterol.
•   It is used as general cooking oil
•   It is used in snack food industries.
•   It is also used in treatment of skin burns.
•   It is used as ingredients in cosmetics & Baby oil.
•   It is used as ingredient in Hair care products as it contains high percentage of omega which prevents hair dryness & loss, Promotes growth of Hair.
•   It is used in bio-diesel industry.
•   It is one of the ingredients in insecticides.
•   Carrier for medicines
•   It is used to clear wooden floors of any spot.

Safety & Precautions:-

•    It is slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant) eye contact, ingestion, & inhalation.
•    Eye contact: Flush eyes with plenty of water
•    Skin contact: wash with soap & Water
•    Inhalation: move to fresh air
•    Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting
•    Precautions: Keep away from heat & oxidizing agents.
•    Storage: keep container tightly closed, in a cool well ventilated areas.

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