Coffee Seed Oil

Coffee Seed Oil


Coffee seed oil is obtained from the roasted beans of coffee. It has two verities of coffee plant Arabica and Robusta. The plant grows up to 5-10 MT. It is native to Southern Africa and Asia. It is an important export product of numerous countries.


Coffee seed oil is extracted by the method of cold pressed distillation from the roasted coffee beans.


Coffee seed oil has very fresh and attractive aroma like a cup of coffee with dark brown color.


•  Coffee seed oil is mostly used for people suffering from anxiety, depression, low metabolism and allergies.

•  Coffee seed oil is very good for those suffering from chronic gas trouble and it also promotes urination.

•  Coffee seed oil is very well used in cosmetic like massage creams and body lotions.

•  Coffee seed oil is used in food industry.

•  Coffee seed oil is enormous tonic and also acts as blood purifier.

•  Coffee seed oil is used prominently in men’s fragrance


During pregnancy avoid Coffee seed oil.

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