Cashew Nut Oil

Cashew Nut Oil


Cashew nut oil is obtained from the kernel of Cashew nut tree. It is tropical evergreen tree. It is grows up to 14 Mt. It is origin of Northeastern Brazil. It is basically used in medicinal or health purposes but it can also use in beauty products.


Cashew nut oil is extracted from the kernel of Cashew nut tree by the method of cold pressing.


It has pleasant, sweet aroma with pale yellow to dark yellow color.


•  Cashew nut oil can be use on your face or body which gives your skin very smooth texture.i

•  Cashew nut oil can treat as scalp infection.

•  Cashew nut oil is antibacterial, anti-fungal quality so it is very useful for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

•  It has full of magnesium and calcium as it is helps in maintaining healthy and strong bones and teeth.

•  It is used in food industry.

•  It is also used as aromatherapy oil for massage purpose.

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