Chironji Oil

Chironji Oil


Chironji oil is obtained from the seeds of Buchanania Lanzan tree. Chironji It is native to India and northwest. It is very small and slightly flattened shape. It has almond like flavor. The seeds are commonly used in food industry for making sweets and savory sauces.


Chironji oil is extracted from the chironji seeds by the method of cold pressing.


It has pleasant, sweet aroma like almond with pale yellow color.


•  Chironji oil is mostly used for making deserts, sweets and sauces.

•  Chironji oil can be used to reduce neck and other body pain.

•  It is very helpful to remove skin problem, pimples and acne.

•  Chironji oil can be used as Ayurvedic medicine to help remove fever, ulcers and burning sensation of the body.

•  It is very good for body massage to nourish and blemish your body.

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