Chaulmoogra Oil

Chaulmoogra Oil


Chaulmoogra oil is obtained from the seeds of chaulmoogra tree. It is native to Western Ghats, the coast from Maharashtra, Assam, Tripura and Kerala. It is grows up to 12-15 Mt. Chaulmoogra oil is widely used in Indian and Chinese medicine.


Chaulmoogra oil is extracted from the seed of the tree of chaulmoogra by the process of cold pressing.


It has bitter aroma yellow to brownish color.


•  Chaulmoogra oil has antimicrobial activity has been used in most of medicinal industry.

•  It has an outstanding medication to revitalize digestive system.

•  Chaulmoogra oil has very strong antibacterial properties to fight with leprosy kind of disease.

•  It is extremely able in killing of intestinal worms.

•  Chaulmoogra oil has very fine remedial ability as this is regularly used in pharma industry.

Safety & Precautions

During Pregnancy strictly avoid Chaulmoogra oil it is not good for both.

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