Shaving Gel


Shaving Gel is an unfortunate necessity of every man’s routine. Our Shaving Gel is a soft soapy substance which men put on their face before they shave. Shaving Gel commonly consist of soaps or surfactants, an emulsion of oils and water. Our Shaving Gel formulation contain 20–30% soap, up to a 10% glycerine, emulsifiers, emollients and foaming agents. Our shaving gel is formulated with natural & premium ingredients, that will keep your skin happy, day and night. Our shaving gel is soft, luscious, creamy & perfect for quick lather.



Benefits of Shaving Gel

•  Our Shaving gel for men works by softening the hair which makes it easy to cut with less effort.

•  Using shaving gel puts less pressure & reduce the chances of cuts.

•  Our Shaving gel provide a smooth, clean shave.

•  Our Shaving gel will moisturize your face .