Bhringraj Oil

Bhringraj Oil


Bhringraj is also known as Kehraj and karisalankanni. It is mostly grown in moist region and its leaves are known to have cleansing effect on liver and are also known to slow the process of ageing. Its botanical name is Eclipta Elba. It has two varieties one produces yellow flower and other which produces white. Oil is produced from both the varieties, but preferred is plant with yellow flowers.


Bhringraj oil is obtained by process of steam distillation of leaves.


It is green in color.


It blends well with coconut oil and sesame oil.


•  It is most beneficial for hair growth, hair shine and getting relieve from split ends.

•  It delays greying of hair and hair fall.

•  It strengthens hair.

•  Massaging scalp with this oil aids in better sleeping.

•  It is very good for skin, it provides relief in Psoriasis.

•  It is also effective in providing relief from dandruff.

•  It is also effective against Follicultis thus reduces hair fall.

•  It reduces scalp itching.

•  It also improves eyesight.

•  It has calming effect on nervous system.

•  It can also reduces baldness.

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