Tuberose Oil

Tuberose Oil


Tuberose is a perennial plant which blooms in night, its flowers are tubular shaped which are white, fragrant waxy. It has long bright green leaves clustered at the base of plant. Tuberose bulbs can be planted in pots & containers. It is commonly used in the perfume industry. Tuberose is called as Rajni gandha in Hindi and other names are night queen & mistress of night.


It is extracted from fresh flower by steam distillation or solvent extraction of Tuberosa Absolute plant. It is also extracted through Enfleurage method.


Color of Jasmine Absolute is deep orange or golden brown & its aroma is complex, exotic, sweet floral & honey like.


The main chemical components are menthyl benzoate, menthyl anthranilate, benzyl alcohol, butyric acid, eugenol, nerol, farnesol and geraniol.


It blends well with jojoba oil, Bergamot, frankincense, Lavender, rose Sandalwood & vetiver.


•  It increases circulation of blood.

•  It can cure impotency & erectile dysfunctions

•  It is famous for its use in perfumes.

•  It is good in sedating inflammation.

•  It is used in aromatherapy.

•  It is used as a deodorant.

•  It has relaxing effects on brain, nerves & muscles.

•  Owing to its warming effect it counters the feeling of cold in winter.

•  It can keep the skin free of infections & cracks.

Safety & Precautions

It may cause headaches & can be slightly irritating to nerves if used in high amount.

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