Mango Butter

Mango Butter


Mango Butter is obtained from seed of mango. It is also known as Manifera indica. It is mostly planted in sub tropical regions of India and Burma. Mango butter is affluent in content of C 18:0 and C18:1 fatty acids and rich in anti oxidants such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E & Vitamin C.


Mango butter is extracted by the process of expeller pressed method from the seeds of mango.


Its contain most of high content of fatty acid like Palmitic, oleic acid, stearic acid, Linoleic, aracinidic.


Mango butter has a sweet smell and very smooth texture with pale yellow in color.


Mango butter is very easily soluble with cosmetics and also blends with hot vegetable oil.


•  Mango butter has natural emollient possessions which is makes it good for skin care products like Bar Soaps, Sun skin care, Facial, Foot care, Hand and body care, Hair and scalp conditionersLotions & CreamsBody balms and lip alms, Scrubs and Body butter.

•  Mango butter is quickly absorbed in the skin and healing of skin very easily.

•  It is used to remove wrinkles and acne.

•  Mango butter is very useful for burn marks, stretch marks, and scar.

•  It can be used to nourishing hair and conditioning dry or distressed hair.

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