Mace Oil


Mace oil is obtained from the aril of nutmeg fruit. It is native of Indonesia. It is grows up to  20 Meter.


It is obtained by process of steam distillation of its outer covering.


It is bright, spicy in aroma.


•  It is used in food industry.

•  It is mainly used in food processing industries for processing of packed foods.

•  It has many uses in Pharmaceutical industries.

•  It is well known stress reliever.

•  It is used as ingredient in detergents and toiletries.

•  It is used as ingredient in cosmetics, perfumes, and soaps.

•  It is used prominently in men’s fragrance.

•  It is used in relieving in it aches and pains.

•  It eases in mental fatigue.

•  It is also used as aromatherapy oil.

•  It improves digestion system.

•  It aids in reliving in dyspepsia nausea diarrhea, dysentery & rheumatism.

•  It increases blood circulation.

•  It is used in bath oils for relieve from stress.

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