Lavandin Oil

Lavandin Oil

Product specification

Botanical Name- Lavandula officinalis

Plant part used :- Flower

Origin – Northern Spain

Colour – Clear Pale yellow color Liquid


Lavandin oil is a multi-purpose oil enriched with linalool and linalyl acetate. Scientifically known as a Lavandula officinal  belongs to family of Lamiaceae. Basically flower is native of  western Mediterranean and other mountains in northern Spain. The plant is herbaceous & perennial .Color of the flower is blue, yellow or violet. The magical part of the plant is their flowers which attracts others by its fragrance and have been used for making potpourri for centuries. Lavandinoil used in making perfume, aromatherapy oil, infusion, oil,  body lotion as well as soap with sweetie smell.


Lavandin oil is extracted by the process known as steam distillation of fresh and dried flowers. Lavandin oil is clear pale yellow in color.

Chemical composition:-

The oil composed with 150 active constituents. Rich in esters and other chief constituents which are linalyl acetate, terpene alcohol, linalool and terpinen-4-ol and camphor, cis-ocimene, 8-cineole,lavandulyl acetate limonene and geraniol.


•  Lavandin oil can be used as insects repellent and irritation due to bite of bug.

•  It can be used to get relives from pain.

•  Patient who want to enhance the sleeping can used the oil.

•  Lavandin oil can be used for the treatment of migraines, emotional stress depression and nervous tension.

•  Lavandin oil reduced the red raised sores on face as well on body which is produced by bacterial infection.

•  The oil can be used for treatment of acne, wrinkles and dark circle under the eye.

•  Lavandin oil reduced the pain of tense musclesand muscular aches.

•  Lavandin oil help to increases the flow of urine.

•  Lavandin oil is used for the treatment of hair fall.

•  It has anticancer activity.

•  Treatment of hypertension can be done by the help of Lavandinoil as it reduces the blood pressure.

•  Lavandin oil helps to build the immune system of the body.

•  It is used for cure skin disorder.

•  Because of its nice and fruity smell the Lavandinoil is used soaps and perfumes.

Safety and precaution:-

•  Do not use the Lavandinoil during pregnancy.

•  If digested in high quantity than it may cause Vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty in breath, blurred vision, reddishness in eye. In any such case immediately call or visit the doctor.

•  Do not use excess of pure Lavandinoil.

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