Frangipani Oil

Frangipani Oil


Frangipani oil is obtained from the flower of the plant. It is native to The Caribbean, Central America and Mexico. The plant is belongs to Dogbane family. It is very easy growing plant and looking very beautiful. You can find these plants very easily in temples and garden.



Frangipani Oil is extracted from the flowers of the plant by the method of cold pressing or solvent extraction.



It is a clear or pale yellow and has very strong, rich, heady and exotic fragrant.



•  It is used for making perfumes.

•  It is also has deep clean properties that make extremely useful.

•  Frangipani oil is very helpful to cleaning the skin pores & openings of sweat & sebum glands.

•  It is used to make shampoos, hair packs, conditioners and soaps.

•  It can be use to make face creams, body lotion and other cosmetic products.

•  Frangipani oil is a very good to use as room freshener.


Safety & Precautions:

Frangipani oil should not be used by pregnant women and those who are breast feeding.


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