Cypriol Oil

Cypriol Oil



Cypriol is also called as Nagarmoth and it belongs to Cyperaceae family



It is obtained from its root by process of steam distillation.



Its main components are Cyperene, alpha-copaene and caryophyllene oxide etc.



It smells woody, earthy and is dark brown to transparent green in colour.



•  It can cure cold and coughs mucus

•  It helps in avoiding diarrhea as well as loose stools.

•  It is used as ingredient in skin care creams

•  It enhances beauty.  It is hydrating thus it decreases skin dryness, redness, irritation and also control flare ups.

•  It has a refreshing aroma, thus is used as ingredient in fragrance industry.

•  It can also treat acne.

•  It also provides relief in respiratory problems like congestion.

•  It is a used in aromatherapy as it relieves stress, reduce tension, tone system.

•  It is also a healthy tonic.

•  It aids in curing diabetes as it decreases blood sugar.


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